Book review.


Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati, 'Get All The Facts: HIV does not cause AIDS' Toxi-Health International, Dixon CA 1999, 183 pages ISBN 0-9673536-0-2.

Dixon resident and HIV/AIDS researcher Dr. Mohammed Al-Bayati met with Dr. Juan Flores Rodriguez from Mexico and UCD Professor Otto Raabe to devise the protocol marking the beginning of future treatments for patients Internationally who have been diagnosed with HIV/ AIDS. This meeting was held here in Dixon last Monday morning, March 6th 2000, at the Dixon Best Western Inn. Locally, San Francisco Medial Foundation has already begun treating patients based on Dr. Al-Bayati medical findings from his recently published diagnostic treatment book “Get all the Facts HIV does not Cause AIDS”, which is the result of an in-depth two year research by Dr. Al-Bayati. The International Council for Health Freedom in San Diego, California has also just started individually treating patients using Dr. Al-Bayati’s medical findings and is a huge supporter for his publication. Now, after a patient this January brought in Dr. Al-Bayati’s book into the Director of Alive & Well Mexico, Professor Juan Jose Flores Rodriguez, MD, Ph.D. for his review stated Monday: “I read this book three times. This is the most important medical book that has ever been published in the field of AIDS.”

Dr. Flores Rodriguez has been treating AIDS/HIV patients for 10 years in Mexico. The patients that could afford the expense of AZT have died, while the patients belonged to the lowest economic strata precluded them from AZT treatment have survived and recovered, based on his “common sense” treatments.

Currently Dr. Flores Rodriguez has patients from Brazil, Canada, San Pablo, Puerto Rico, Japan, Africa, Argentina and other countries around the world that can begin control treatment on a individual basis by Dr. Al-Bayati’s recommendations. “I am here in Dixon for the people of the world,” stated Dr. Flores Rodriguez, “and I am so happy to work together, this is an incredible day! This is the new way for the Doctors of the world to work together for everyone and that there are scientists who are willing to fight for the truth, for people to live.”

UCD Professor Otto Raabe, who is a Board Certified Health Physicist of Toxicology and Environmental Health and worked with Dr. Al-Bayati for 20 years stated: “Dr. Al-Bayati is a brilliant man!” Future HIV/AIDS patients can now be individually diagnosed with the help of Dr. Al-Bayati and recommendation for treatment will be given to Doctors around the world through Dr. Flores Rodriguez. For more information contact Dr. Al-Bayati at (707) 678-4484. Email maalbayati@toxi- or web site at

Source: Dixon Independent Voice 8 March 2000