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Eleni Papadopulos Eleopulos et al., 'Mother to Child Transmission of HIV and its Prevention with AZT and Nevirapine' Riobay Publishing Western Australia 2001, 204 pages, ISBN 1-876763-72-8.

The impetus for this review arose as a result of the Presidential AIDS Panel meetings held in South Africa during May and July 2000 under the auspices of the South African Government and President Thabo Mbeki. Our purpose in this publication was not to discuss the HIV theory of AIDS or even the existence of HIV (Those interested in the fundamental question of proving the existence of HIV will find it discussed in Appendix XI). The question this monograph addresses, assuming that HIV does exist, is whether a unique retrovirus is transmitted from pregnant women to their children and whether compounds such as zidovudine (AZT) and nevirapine are able to prevent such transmission.

Eleni Papadopulos Ph.D. is a Professor of Medical Physics at Royal Perth Hospital, a teaching hospital at the University of Western Australia. The other authors are Valendar Turner, John Papadimitriou, Helman Alfonso, Barry Page, David Causer, Sam Mhlongo, Christian Fiala, Todd Miller, Anthony Brink, and Neville Hodgkinson.

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