Book review.


Heinrich Kremer, 'The Silent Revolution of the AIDS- and Cancer-Medicine' Available in german only as 'Die stille Revolution der AIDS- und Krebsmedizin', Ehlers Verlag Germany 2001, 535 pages, ISBN 3-934196-14-6.


I. A Disastrously Wrong Decision
20 years abuse of nitric gas as a sexual doping agent – the apparently mysterious results.

II. The Sensational Discovery
Gaseous nitric monoxide as a bio-energetic regulator within and between living cells – the gas war between humans and microbes.

III. The AIDS Puzzle
Why AIDS Diseases were misinterpreted – the inhibition of the gas defence is the cause of acquired immune deficiency.

IV. AIDS is Not a Transmittalbe Disease
Opportunistic infections and Kaposi’s sarcoma were well known before the AIDS era – a variety of causes trigger the same immunity answer as programmed by evolutionary biology.

V. The Challenge of Previously Valid Immunity Theories
How acquired immune deficiencies actually develop.

VI. The Most Successful Fusion of Evolutionary History
How the micro-gaia milieu functions – the vital role of the mitochondria.

VII. Collective Tunnel Vision
Why “HIV characteristics” really are the results programmed by evolutionary biology and not specific causes of strong and/or continuous immune stress – and what the “HIV test” really measures.

VIII. The Solution to the Cancer Puzzle
Why normal cells develop into cancer cells – the cancer cells’ degeneration into embryonic properties is based on inactivation of mitochondria programmed by evolutionary biology.

IX. HIV/AIDS Medicine Runs Amok
Why AIDS medicine causes AIDS and cancer as well as degeneration of muscular and nerve cells: the explanation of how AZT, Bactrim, and their ilk actually work.

X. The Monumental Rethinking Task
The elementary professional error of AIDS and cancer medicine – why patients die from chemotherapeutic poisoning.

XI. The Lifesaving Knowledge of Healing
On the practice of diagnosing, preventing, and treating AIDS, cancer, and other systemic diseases – compensating rather than eliminating.

XII. Resistance against Mass Poisoning in Africa
The international initiative of President Mbeki – answers from the South African government’s open discussion on causes of AIDS in the West and developing countries, on non-toxic prevention of and therapy for AIDS, on AZT’s real active mechanism and the globalized epidemic terror of physicians and the media – the international HIV cartel’s refusal to join the discussion and the disinformation campaign it launched.