Book review.


Marvin Kitzerow, 'The AIDS Indictment' MRKCO Publishing USA 2000, 226 pages, ISBN 0-9679529-0-5.


In 1981, five cases of Pnuemocystitis Carini Pneumonia (PCP) were reported to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia.1 Soon to follow, eight cases of a rare cancer, among otherwise healthy young men, diagnosed as Kaposi’s Sarcoma (KS), were reported to the Center for Disease Control (CDC).2 Immediately, within that same year, red flag scrutiny of medical files presented 200 cases of either PCP or KS. 3-5 In retrospect, delayed reporting of homosexual men being diagnosed with KS or PCP, in 1980 would finally surface. All of these cases exhibited a state of greatly diminished immunity with unknown cause.

The unique and common bond that showed up in nearly 100 percent of all these early Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) cases is that those AIDS patients were found to have abused volatile nitrite, also known as room odorizers. The few patients who disclaimed nitrite abuse were abusing intravenous drugs.

It is, in my opinion, that chemical abuse was the most blatantly obvious cause of these immune deficient individuals. Due to the scattered and non-relative association of these individuals, a contagious bug or virus seems less likely, at least from my perspective.

Chemical abuse, recreational as well as prescription drugs, and its ability to cause the AIDS related symptoms KS and PCP, were amply recorded in medical literature, long before the AIDS epidemic began. This chemical cause was accepted fact which had absolutely nothing to do with a virus.

It was known as early as 1974, that PCP 9 and KS 10-12 were commonly associated with immunosuppressive drug therapy, commonly prescribed for arthritic patients and transplant recipients in order to prevent tissue or organ rejection. The physician is using powerful drugs to suppress the immune system in order to keep the body from attacking the foreign, transplanted organ. At the same time, the drugs are creating diseases in the patient that is manifesting into a cancer, known as KS. This also weakens the immune system and allows bacterial infection to proliferate in the lungs, thus causing the PCP.

Presented is viable medical research, evidence that immunosuppressive drugs cause the side effects of KS and PCP, the two primary illnesses associated with AIDS. In a study involving 213 young and otherwise healthy homosexual men, all but a couple abused the same drug. All developed the same common illnesses associated with immunosuppressive inhalants.

If volatile nitrites are shown to be immunosuppressive and cancer causing, can one be correct in concluding that volatile nitrite inhalants, when aggressively abused, cause KS and PCP, which are eventually diagnosed as symptoms of AIDS? The obvious cause and effect relationship regarding volatile nitrites and AIDS seems to be a basic exercise in common sense. Some important and startling conclusions, regarding the abuse of volatile nitrites and their relationship to the AIDS virus, will be revealed in the following chapters with the support and documentation of valid research and case studies. The following facts that will be explored and proven are:

* Volatile nitrite inhalant is one of the most cancer causing immune destructive chemicals known to man.

* By 1974, the practice of inhaling one of the most cancer causing immune destructive chemicals known to man had reached every corner of the gay community and would begin to take hold in the heterosexual community four to five years later.

* AIDS is predominantly caused, or brought on by aggressive abuse of toxic inhalants and chemicals in the form of recreational and specific prescription drugs as well. Aggressive abuse of antibiotics actually causes symptoms of AIDS.

* The profile of the majority of AIDS patients in the United States will include the abuse of volatile nitrite inhalants, regularly and aggressively, for approximately four to seven years.

* The remainder of AIDS patients are IV drug users. Also included in this category are the innocent AIDS patients, babies born to chemical abusing mothers, hemophiliacs transfused with tainted coagulation factor 8, and seniors being prescribed chronic immunosuppressive drugs. The major contributor to the demise of these sufferers was chemotherapy and AZT treatment, not their human immunovirus (HIV) status.

* Misdiagnosing HIV as the causative factor in AIDS patients has precipitated the life threatening treatment of chemotherapy and AZT, which is subsequently responsible for causing the death of otherwise remedial AIDS patients.

* Prescribing toxic prescription drugs to an already toxic patient is tantamount to murder.

* AIDS is a survivable illness, once the true cause, chemical abuse, is halted and a strict, healthy, dietary, life style is practiced.

* Millions of dollars in medical research, proving that AIDS is caused by chemical abuse (namely volatile nitrites) was thrown out with the discovery of HIV.

* The connection of nitrite abuse and KS, relative to AIDS, was finally realized and room odorizers were quietly banned and deemed an illegal substance by an act of Congress.

February, 1991 was the date in which volatile nitrites, or room odorizers, were no longer allowed to be sold legally.

* Nitrite, room odorizer manufacturers deceptively represented their products as room odorizers while 100 percent of their consumers purchased them for use as illegal drugs for over twenty years.

This book will present documented and validated research, proving that volatile nitrite inhalants are one of the most dangerous substances known to man. Aggressive abuse of inhaling this chemical, approximately over four to seven years, is all that is necessary to initiate AIDS in humans. This leaves HIV as only a fragmented, residual cellular debris, caused by chronic abuse of inhalants and drugs, recreational and prescription.

The reality of an epidemic of abuse of volatile nitrite inhalants occurring exclusively within the gay community, beginning in 1971, shall also be presented. This epidemic is primarily responsible for the majority of AIDS statistics, forming the AIDS epidemic in the United States.

The ban and subsequent removal of nitrite inhalants a.k.a. “Room Odorizers” or “Poppers,” will be primarily responsible for the decline in new AIDS cases in the United States and the beginning of the end of the U.S. AIDS epidemic.