Book review.


Marvin Kitzerow, 'The AIDS Indictment' MRKCO Publishing USA 2000, 226 pages, ISBN 0-9679529-0-5.


Volatile nitrite inhalants, also known as room odorizers or poppers, were the most obvious cause of AIDS in the majority of all the early gay patients suffering from KS and or PCP. The massive research implicating the capability of nitrites to destroy the immune system and initiate Cancer along with the timely entry of the manufacture and sale of nitrite inhalants into American society, is just part of the case I have put together to form this indictment.

For over twenty years all of the United States consumer protection agencies allowed nitrite room odorizers, one of the most cancer causing, immunodestructive chemicals known to man, to be fraudulently distributed into interstate commerce, as well as within international markets.

From the beginning, nitrite room odorizers were purchased as sexual accessory drugs and not room odorizers. Odorizer manufacturers did not acknowledge that the product was a drug, and this imposed illicit fraud on American society. The room odorizer industry was fully aware of the fact their products were being purchased solely as a drug to augment sexual activity. The room odorizer industry is product liable and responsible for the majority of AIDS statistics, forming the United States AIDS epidemic. They are responsible for epidemics in other countries as well, because the industry has distributed their product worldwide.

All the insurance companies who have financed AIDS treatment, and all the families who have lost a loved one have an avenue to recapture monetary losses in a civil class action law suit. They should be entitled to share in the billions of dollars in profits enjoyed by the room odorizer industry during the past twenty years.

The FDA, CPSC, NIH, CDC and NIDA have known, since 1971, about the deceptive perpetration of the odorizer industry and the actual commercial use of odorizers being drugs. These organizations are to blame for allowing the room odorizer industry to market their death dealing products to children, teenagers, adults, and predominately the homosexual community for over twenty years.

A major medical error was made by the NIH and CDC, in exonerating volatile nitrite inhalants and their role in AIDS, due to premature cessation of their government study observing nitrite inhalant abusers.

World renowned researcher, Dr. Peter Duesberg, is on record as claiming that HIV could not possibly cause AIDS, while also maintaining that a chemical abuse is more likely the cause of AIDS. His expertise has been completely ignored by the NIH and CDC since 1987.

Dr. Gallo and the American Research Team who originally claimed to have discovered HIV and later agreed to share the discovery with the French, were the primary players in claiming that HIV caused AIDS. The American Team did their research in a hazardously fast paced manner in order to beat the French team and win the lucrative patent for the HIV blood test.

I believe, that monetary gain was at the forefront of the "rush to pass judgment" on HIV. This monetary motivation was instrumental in misdiagnosing HIV as the cause of AIDS. This misdiagnosis has precipitated the treatment of powerful poisonous drugs, chemotherapy and AZT, to already toxic patients (who were aggressively abusing nitrite inhalants and or IV drugs), which contributed to the mortality of these individuals.

The misdiagnosis of the HIV virus as the cause of AIDS has given a green light to the nitrite inhalant abusers since 1984 and has set back nitrite and AIDS research over twelve years; subsequently, trying to kill HIV with chemotherapy and AZT is why all of the AIDS patients, who have accepted this traditional medical treatment, have died. It was presented at the 1994 Asian AIDS Conference that 40,000 HIV positive patients who have refused traditional medical treatment with chemotherapy or AZT, are living with HIV and have survived AIDS over sixteen years. This revelation should be compelling enough to realize that chemotherapy and AZT treatment is wrong and HIV is not the cause and only evidence of toxic damage to the bloodstream. As you will read later, I will disclose the path that long-term HIV survivors are taking. HIV positively is not a death sentence, and it is possible to survive AIDS.

If nitrite inhalants were not a problem, why did the Federal Government, by an act of congress, secretively shut down the billion-dollar room odorizer industry without a fight or any news coverage in the media?

Since room odorizers have been deemed illegal, new cases of AIDS have dropped by three percent nationally, as presented in the Chicago Sun-Times on February 3, 1995.

Since California had made volatile nitrite products illegal long before the rest of the United States, and due to a comprehensive and aggressive educational program on the danger of nitrite inhalants, the San Francisco Department of Health has predicted that by 1997 the appearance of new AIDS cases would be dropping dramatically.

Intravenous drug abuse, recreational drugs, and aggressive chemical therapies by physicians with immunosuppressive drugs all contribute to immune deficiency; however, these drugs were not exclusive to the gay community as was the use of nitrite inhalants for the first six years of entry into American society.

Common sense dictates that the primary cause of AIDS in 90% of the AIDS cases, being homosexual, is a causative factor, highly restrictive to the gay population. Nitrite inhalants are the only products commonly abused by the majority of homosexual men who maintained a strong exclusivity to these particular products. If nonexclusive causes were responsible for AIDS, the AIDS epidemic would not have remained predominantly in the homosexual community, with homosexuals still comprising approximately 80% of current AIDS statistics.

Now, twelve years after HIV was discovered and put to scientific scrutiny, it has not even come close to demonstrating the devastating effects that develop from aggressive abuse of volatile nitrite inhalants. Nitrite inhalants have been shown to be able to cause all of the thirty AIDS indicator illnesses.

The Federal Government has made commercially manufactured nitrite room odorizers illegal; however, a new product has replaced the old fraudulent scam that was being perpetrated by the room odorizer industry. A product being deceptively represented as a video head cleaner is being sold in almost all adult bookstores. It is impossible to find this product in regular video equipment stores. The fact that video equipment stores do not market this so called “video head cleaner,” and the fact that the adult book store customers that purchase this product, do so, with the intent of abusing it as an inhalant drug, indicts the manufacturers of the H & E video head cleaner in the fraudulent distribution of a drug that has not been approved by the United States Federal Drug Administration (FDA).

Do-It International Inc., who manufactures this product, is welcomed to join the list of indictable conspirators in the class action suit, along with every retail store as coconspirators.