Book review.


Marvin Kitzerow, 'The AIDS Indictment' MRKCO Publishing USA 2000, 226 pages, ISBN 0-9679529-0-5.


The world has been led to believe that a virus (HIV) destroys the human body's immune system by killing the white blood cells known as T-cells. This hypothesis has originated the universal treatment of choice with toxic, life ending anti-viral drugs to rid the body of these viral culprits. No patient who has been treated aggressively with these drugs has survived, while life expectancy has been established as dose related!

The only research paper in the whole world that states the hypothesis that HIV kills human T-cells, was authored by Dr. Robert Gallo from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The whole mode of treating HIV antibody positive patients with anti-viral drugs is founded entirely on Dr. Gallo's original hypothesis that HIV is the sole cause of AIDS by directly killing T-cells. The French research team headed up by Drs. Montagnier and Chermann who were recognized by the scientific community as being the real discoverers of HIV in 1983, NEVER concluded that HIV was able to kill T-cells, rather, they suggested HIV was not antagonistic enough to cause the damage that was occurring with AIDS patients and it was more than likely a chemical problem! In 1988 Dr. Gallo retracted his hypothesis of the direct killing of T-cells! (Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, vol. 1 #6 1988, page 525) As a result of this change of thought process, the whole foundation of how AIDS is caused, falls apart!

Now, 16 years after over 400,000 U.S. citizens have died while being treated with toxic, life ending, anti-viral drugs based on a hypothesis that no longer exists, the realization becomes blatantly apparent that more than likely hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost due to a tragic medical blunder! To this day there is not one scientific paper that has been published by anyone who has supported the fact that HIV kills T-cells! The whole premise that HIV is the sole cause of AIDS is without merit or scientific foundation!

There are thousands of HIV antibody positive individuals who are surviving over 16 years and indefinitely by refusing the universal treatments of choice with aggressive anti-viral therapies that have been imposed on AIDS patients for the past 19 years! In many cases, these people are reverting to HIV negative status! By getting off all drugs and leading a healthy lifestyle, they are beating AIDS mortality statistics, while patients who have accepted aggressive, chronic, anti-viral drugs are experiencing a nearly 100% mortality rate! Hundreds of thousands of HIV positive people are dying of their medical treatments and not their HIV STATUS!

Researchers, such as Dr. Peter Duesberg, T.C. Fry, myself and a few others, have been disavowing the HIV/AIDS hypothesis for over a decade. Only people who have let themselves be brainwashed by NIH/CDC propaganda, have a hard time rationalizing this colossal medical blunder! Presently, I belong to a group of over 1500 scientists, college professors, physicians, Nobel Prize winners and professional persons who no longer believe that HIV causes AIDS and have formed The Group for The Scientific Reappraisal of AIDS

The AIDS INDICTMENT is an explosive exposé, of the most diabolic, medical blunder of modern times, while at the same time, casting a spotlight on the incompetence at the FDA in handling the spiraling epidemic of volatile nitrite inhalant abuse that predisposed nearly 100% of the first AIDS patients who died of "full blown" AIDS, and the CDC for not alerting the world of the "nitrite inhalant epidemic" and its direct connection to the rare Kaposis Sarcoma (KS) symptoms that most of the first AIDS patients were presenting! By not classifying nitrite inhalants as drugs of abuse and allowing these chemicals to be sold in interstate, international commerce for over 21 years, the FDA is indicted as a coconspirator in the U.S. AIDS epidemic!

This author believes that over 400,000 United States citizens have died needlessly of AIDS as a result of the wrongful diagnosis of the real cause of AIDS and iatrogenic poisoning by their physicians! In brief, the U.S. AIDS epidemic is a myriad of compounding cofactors encompassing; recreational chemical abuse; commercial greed on the part of the nitrite inhalant/room odorizer industry; government, medical research errors in supporting a failed HIV/AIDS hypothesis in the first place; doctors blindly following harmful government treatment directives; doctors engaged in malpractice by treating persons who were not sick, with aggressive antibiotic/chemo drugs; false positive HIV tests; and the criminally fraudulent licensing of AZT!

I propose:

A.) a law suit imposing an injunction on all AIDS foundations and agencies to cease and desist the dissemination of the dogma that HIV causes AIDS until the Chemical/AIDS vs the HIV/AIDS dispute is settled in a court of law, similar to the Darwin Monkey Trial. In other words AIDS on Trial. Over 400,000 deaths associated with the HIV/AIDS hypothesis and its subsequent treatments establishes enough probable cause to form an indictment that demands a day in court!

B.) a congressional investigation into the licensing of AZT!

C.) a congressional investigation needs to be initiated regarding the overall AIDS research policies, whereas the directors who have been directing AIDS research money for the past 16 years, should be replaced with people who are more in touch with reality! An average 7 billion dollars annually, has been funneled down an HIV rat hole while past and present drug therapies based on HIV theory, have been and still are miserable failures!

D.) Professor Peter Duesberg, Phd., from the University of California at Berkeley, should be awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine for his cancer/AIDS research paper titled Retro viruses as Carcinogens and Pathogens: Expectations and Reality. (Cancer Research 47, 1199-1220, March 1, 1987) In this paper Professor Duesberg solved the AIDS mystery over 13 years ago, however his message has tragically fallen on deaf ears while hundreds of thousands of persons have needlessly died!

E.) also, that toxicology Professor Ronald W. Wood Phd., from the University of Rochester's School of Medicine and Dentistry, is deserving of Nobel Prize recognition in the field of science for his unrelenting effort to rid society of recreational volatile nitrite inhalants aka room odorizers or poppers.

Marvin R. Kitzerow has spent over 30 years in the study of Dietary Pathology (the study of what humans inhale, inject and ingest as it relates to disease) He graduated from the Life Science Institute in Austin TX in 1989, in the field of nutritional science.

Chapter I. is a basic explanation of how exhaustion of the immune system causes immune dysfunction, leading to a doctor's visit.

Chapter II. explains how toxic chemicals are able to cause the atrophy of the primary organ of the body that regulates immune response and how exhaustion of this organ causes immune dysfunction that can predispose an AIDS diagnosis.

Chapter III. explains the AIDS history time frame, and why AIDS began in the United States when it did and why, to this day U.S. AIDS statistics have remained primarily in the gay persuasion.

Chapter IV. explains some of the idiosyncrasies of the AIDS epidemic and why some AIDS cases did not fall into the expected high risk groups, and the part that false positive HIV tests plaid in the HIV myth.

Chapter V. explains the role that malnutrition and chemical abuse along with exaggerated AIDS statistics, plays in the alleged AIDS epidemic in developing countries.

Chapter VI. presents a tragic epidemic that was caused by ignorant physicians with their universal treatment of choice for a common stomach ailment that was responsible for killing thousands of people in Japan, in the 50's, similar to what is going on in the world today regarding AIDS treatments!

Chapter VII. explains why treating patients, who aggressively abuse chemicals, with dangerous, toxic immuneosuppressive drugs only compounds immune dysfunction that leads to full blown AIDS

Chapter VIII. documents with verified references the connection between the epidemic of nitrite inhalant abuse, in the homosexual community and the AIDS epidemic in the United States.

Chapter IX. explains why abstinence from recreational as well as prescription drugs along with practicing a healthy lifestyle, is the only hope in surviving AIDS!

Finally, the additional reading and correspondence section in the back of the book, presents a re-enforcement in a concluding premise.

The AIDS INDICTMENT is cutting edge knowledge of the turmoil that has been brewing for the past few years regarding the miserable failures of the HIV/AIDS hypothesis that is about to EXPLODE!