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Roberto Giraldo, 'AIDS and Stressors', Fundation Arte Y Ciencia, Medellin Colombia 1997. 205 pages, ISBN 958 9458 03 3.

"AIDS is neither an infectious disease nor is sexually transmitted. It is a toxic - nutritional syndrome caused by the alarming worldwide increment of immunological stressor agents."

I would like to introduce the author of this book. Dr. Roberto A. Giraldo, as a friend and a colleague. Dr. Giraldo arrived in the United States ten years ago in search of professional freedom. He had been working as a physician for several years with poor rural populations, in one of the most deprived areas of northern Columbia: his work displeased the armed groups of right and left that are bound to destroy our motherland. On the other hand, his work on AIDS, the epidemic that he has followed with inquisitive mind since its beginning, displeased a sclerotic professional community that denied him the right to look at it from an unorthodox perspective.

In the United States Dr. Giraldo has lived the life of all of us immigrants. He faced professional stagnation, personal difficulties, work insecurity, anxiety about the future. But he has also been a case study of what is right and noble among the newcomers to this society. His tenacity, his dedication to work, his generosity to share his experience and knowledge with others, and his ability to take advantage of the opportunities that this society offers the rebellious and original mind to make a contribution to society's progress. Dr. Giraldo has found time to volunteer his energies in several professional and community organizations, specially the US-Colombian AIDS/SIDA Foundation. being one of its founding members. Dr. Giraldo has made good use of the resources available to complete the study of AIDS he had started in Colombia. And what you have in this book is the result of untiring effort, long hours of library work, and solid scientific analysis.

Luis J. Mejia-Maya PhD,
President of the Board of Directors US-Colombian AIDS/SIDA Foundation, New York

Roberto GiraldoRoberto A. Giraldo Medical Doctor, Specialist in Internal Medicine from University of Antioquia, Colombia. Gratuated with distinction from University of London, after obtaining a Master of Science in Clinical Tropical Medicine. For 30 years he is been dedicated to clinical, academic and research activities in different aspects of infectious diseases, in various regions of Colombia, United States and Europe. Independent researcher of AIDS for the past 15 years. Member of "The Group for the Scientific Reappraising of the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis", member of "The Board of Directors of HEAL (Health Education AIDS Liaison) of New York", and member of The Art and Science Foundation of Medellin.