By Heinrich Kremer, Stefan Lanka & Alfred Hässig

Continuum, July/Aug. 1996

Protease inhibitors and antiviral drugs with mitochondrial toxicity: AIDS treatment with consecutive death.

The advertising drums are beaten hard all over the world today. The same doctors are calling for obedient candidates for their experiments and holding out the same promise of a cure who have poisoned countless AIDS patients by administering the DNA blocker AZT for the past ten years in an attempt to hunt down the phantom HI virus.

The same doctors are now trying to conjure up a substance from the test tube under the magic name of 'protease inhibitor' and to market it as having a limitless cure potential, although nobody in fact knows what long-term reactions this molecule, which has never been tested on man, may cause in the living organism.

The victims and perpetrators have only recently come to realise that AZT (also known as Zidovudine or Retrovir) has, in countless cases, brought about the inevitable and slow asphyxiation of the patient's body cells, which are in particular need of oxygen and hence the equally inevitable death by poisoning of those persons who are stigmatised as HIV-positive or diagnosed as suffering from AIDS and who trust their doctors. Despite that realisation, new test candidates are already being sought who will be voluntarily prepared, through fear of death suggested by the medical profession, not only to swallow AZT in combination with allied toxic substances, but in addition to take an inhibitor which has an incalculable impact on cell metabolism.

A guarantee of success is secured in advance, as with AZT, because any fatal 'secondary effects' of the mixture are described as an outcome of the phantom HIV infection. These are the selfsame laboratory doctors and clinical practitioners who for years abused the confidence of anxious AIDS patients with the assertion that AZT would reliably, and with total certainty, prevent the proliferation of their 'phantom' HIV.

In reality the substance AZT is absorbed by a primary route through the DNA gamma-polymerase into the energy centre of all body cells, the mitochondria. Without the activity of the mitochondria as former bacteria, no body cell can produce the necessary energy from oxygen and make it available for the whole cell metabolism in the bound state in adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

The doctors who prescribe AZT have, however, denied this established fact and wrongly diagnosed the fatal consequences of AZT medication as the sequels of AIDS following a prior "HIV infection". For example, clinical manifestations such as the wasting syndrome, HIV encephalopathy, cardiomyopathy, atrophy of the skeletal muscular system and opportunistic infections of all kinds affecting the patients are declared to be tragic consequences of AIDS.

AZT manifestly also damages the mitochondria of the same microbes (protozoa and fungi) which have become adjusted to the cellular metabolism of the body in the course of evolution without being normally pathogenic. In the case of serious damage to their energy production they may, however, undergo mutation into aggressive pathogens and may, known as opportunistic infections. The true opportunists therefore are the AIDS doctors who prescribe AZT. They have sought to drive out devils with Beelzebub!

And by doing so they demonstrate their ignorance of fundamental biological processes in the human organism.

But the dogmatic AIDS doctors have invented new tricks. Although, despite all the assertion to the contrary, no scientist has ever demonstrably produced a genome of the imaginary HIV which would be capable of causing infection they announce that they have traced minute fragments of the genetic material of HIV in RNA form and enriched these fragments; now they claim to be able to determine the precise quantity of HIV in the individual patient's blood serum. lt remains a secret of the AIDS doctors to explain how they are able to identify the part as a whole, without ever having seen the whole. By the same token, researchers could conclude from the sight of a footprint on the banks of Loch Ness that the monster of the same name really does exist.

But they go on to develop a destructive logic on the basis of such arbitrary definitions. As the doctors claim on the pars pro toto principle that they can quantitatively determine the active amount of the HI virus in the individual stigmatised patient, they now prescribe "appropriate" quantities of AZT and similar toxic substances as a cocktail for the patient. A sufferer who is purported to have many fragments of the messenger substances of the genetic material of the HIV phantom in his or her blood serum, is described as an unfavourable case and receives the poison cocktail in correspondingly high doses; sooner or later the patient will be unable to escape his or her predicted fate because of the fatal toxic effects of the "medication", especially as. depending on the individual patient's reaction, the poison cocktails are varied and supplemented by protease inhibitors.

The purported "viral load" hides nothing but the measurement of particular messenger substances (RNA) in the blood plasma of selected patients. Sequences which resemble those that are defined as HIV-specific are then demonstrated. But it must be realised that such messenger substances occur in thousands of different variations, reflecting perfectly normal biochemical processes in the body, thousands of which take place simultaneously and in coordinated fashion in the metabolic interplay. Fluctuations, i.e. the increased or reduced occurrence of the sequences, are perfectly normal in this complex interplay of thousands of simultaneous metabolic processes. In the case of persons with a heightened cellular metabolism, e.g. persons under celldestructive medication (AZT, ddI etc.) and those suffering from multiple infections, these molecules may sometimes occur with a higher degree of probability, precisely because of the metabolic acceleration. The isolated presentation of measurements of a particular kind of sequence, which remains in any case totally impossible to quantify, is therefore clinically irrelevant in the absence of comparison with other molecules of this kind. There are also no comparative values which would enable any significance whatever to be attributed to these relative measurements.

Proteases are in fact protein enzymes which split protein molecules into the length required in each particular case by the metabolism. They are naturally rendered inactive within and outside the body cells by special inhibiting molecules until they are recovered by complex interactions between many different molecules. The body constantly produces such protease inhibitors, e.g. heparin and the heparinoids. The HIV hunters now claim to have produced protease inhibitors in the test tube which will specifically only inhibit those proteases that are said to be responsible for the proliferation of the hypothetical HIV. They want to measure the success of these protease inhibitors by a quantified reduction of the arbitrarily defined viral load (see above) and the relative increase of the T-helper cells.

ln other words, one fiction (virus blocking) is legitimated by another (viruslcquantification) The temporary increase of T-helper cells is brought about by the partial displacement of cells of this type from the bone marrow and other compartments into the bloodstream through temporary inhibition of the catabolic metabolism, which predominates in "HIV positive" patients.

However, in reality it is to be feared that sooner or later the unphysiological intervention in the complex interplay of body cell growth factors through artificial protease inhibitors will disturb equally vital functions of the basic tissue and cells, together with their mitochondrial energy centres, as is already the case when AZT and allied nucleoside-analogues are administered. However, as no animal model is available for preliminary clinical testing, the "HIV-positive" patients and "AIDS-sufferers" who go in fear of death must put their life on the line. Every test subject should therefore be aware that treatment with cocktails of AZT and allied toxic substances plus protease inhibitors may be equivalent to joining a suicide squad with a time fuse.

Finally, attention is drawn to the healthy organism where proteases and antiproteases are in equilibrium. Heparinoids at the cell surface are the normal antiproteases. An imbalance can be corrected by oral administration of heparinoids in the form of extracts of cartilage (chondroitinsulfate) and agar extracted from seaweeds. We suggest that anti-"HIV"-positive individuals take advantage of this simple and cheap possibility to correct a possible deficiency of antiproteases. *

Dr. Heinrich Kremer M.D. was medical director of the Specialist Clinic for Juvenile and Young Adult Drug Offenders for five German counties, including Berlin, Bremen, and Hamburg. With the German virologist Dr. Stefan Lanka he initiated the Research Group for Investigative Medicine and Journalism, reg!med. Immunologist Prof. Alfred Hässig, Professor Emeritus at the University of Bern, is a former Director of the Swiss Red Cross Transfusion Sevice, and former President of the Board of Trustees of the International Society of Blood Transfusion. With colleagues he formed the Study Group for Nutrition and Immunity.