Drug diseases diagnosed before the AIDS era, and in HIV-free addicts

Disease Drugs used (1) References AIDS defining
immunodeficiency C, H, N, A (Achard et al., 1909; Terry and Pellens, 1928; Briggs et al., 1967; Sapira, 1968; Harris and Garret, 1972; Geller and Stimmel, 1973; Pillari and Narus, 1973; Brown et al., 1974; Louria, 1974; McDonough et al., 1980; Gottlieb et al., 1981; Jaffe et al., 1983; Tubaro et al., 1983; Layon et al., 1984; Culver et al., 1987; Donahoe et al., 1987; Haverkos and Dougherty, 1988b; Selwyn et al., 1988; Novick et al., 1989; Mientjes et al., 1991; Pillai et al., 1991; Larrat and Zierler, 1993; Mientjes et al., 1993; Sadownick, 1994; Brettle, 1996)
Kaposiís sarcoma N (Jaffe et al., 1983; Haverkos et al., 1985; Haverkos, 1988; Haverkos and Dougherty, 1988a; Archer et al., 1989; Friedman-Kien et al., 1990; Marquart et al., 1991)
candidiasis C, H (Pillari and Narus, 1973; Stoneburner et al., 1988; Rogers et al., 1989)
pneumonia C, H, N (Gottlieb et al., 1981; Jaffe et al., 1983; Selwyn et al., 1988; Stoneburner et al., 1988; Ettinger and Albin, 1989; Mientjes et al., 1993; Hayes et al., 1994; Brettle, 1996)
lymphadenopathy C, H (Geller and Stimmel, 1973; Pillari and Narus, 1973; Espinoza et al., 1987; Des Jarlais et al., 1988; Brettle, 1996)
tuberculosis C, H (Firooznia et al., 1973; Courtwright, 1982; Layon et al., 1984; Stoneburner et al., 1988; Braun et al., 1989; Brudney and Dobkin, 1991; Hayes et al., 1994)
weight loss C, H (Pillari and Narus, 1973; Des Jarlais et al., 1988; Brettle, 1996)
C, H (Stoneburner et al., 1988; Koch, 1990; Aylward et al., 1992; Larrat and Zierler, 1993; Hayes et al., 1994; Brettle, 1996)
diarrhea C, H (Des Jarlais et al., 1988; Muñoz et al., 1992; Brettle, 1996)
fever C, H (Des Jarlais et al., 1988; Ettinger and Albin, 1989; Brettle, 1996)
spontaneous abortion,
premature birth,
congenital abnormalities
C, H (Fricker and Segal, 1978; Lifschitz et al., 1983; Alroomi et al., 1988; Rogers et al., 1989; Toufexis, 1991; Finnegan et al., 1992; Larrat and Zierler, 1993)
night sweats C, H (Des Jarlais et al., 1988; Brettle, 1996)  
impotence C, H (Larrat and Zierler, 1993; Brettle, 1996)  
severe atherosclerosis A (Wilson et al., 1996)  
tooth loss/caries C, H (Pillari and Narus, 1973)  
dermatitis C, H (Pillari and Narus, 1973; Brettle, 1996)  
hepatitis C, H (Dismukes et al., 1968; Pillari and Narus, 1973; Layon et al., 1984)  
epileptic seizures C, H (Brettle, 1996)  
endocarditis C, H (Layon et al., 1984; Stoneburner et al., 1988; Mientjes et al., 1993; Brettle, 1996)  
bronchitis C, H (Ettinger and Albin, 1989; Lerner, 1989; Brettle, 1996)  

1. A, amphetamines; C, cocaine; H, heroin; N, nitrites.


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