Sept. 2000

Newsweek's report on the growing global movement to rethink AIDS begins with a sensationalistic statement that is untrue. I do not advise people to stop drug therapy or forgo condoms. The extensive public record of my work stands as evidence to the contrary and clearly shows that I advocate informed choice with regard to HIV testing and treatment.

Prior to raising questions about HIV, I promoted the standard answers as an awareness educator for prominent AIDS groups. My scrutiny of the science began when a series of tests I took fluctuated between HIV positive, negative and indeterminate, and after I noticed that my ill and dying colleagues were the ones following doctor's orders.

David France's article adopts the position that my natural good health is a "puzzle" while dismissing as "weird" the carefully considered choices that keep me and hundreds of other unmedicated HIV positives defiantly alive and well.

With no cure or vaccine in sight, and more death and toxic drugs on the horizon, there is just cause for people who care about AIDS to explore outside the narrow confines of the HIV hypothesis and join our search for meaningful solutions.

Christine Maggiore
Founder/Director, Alive & Well AIDS Alternatives
Studio City, CA

I am writing in response to David France's article about Christine Maggiore which incorrectly suggests that Ms. Maggiore acts in defiance of my medical advice with regard to her son.

As I told Mr. France, Christine is a wonderful mother, her son is exceptionally bright and healthy, and contrary to the implications in the article, I stand by the decision about testing. Further, I did not offer or confirm that Maggiore is nursing as France claims.

Paul M. Fleiss, MD
Los Angeles, CA

To: David France

Re: Substantiation of Claims in HIV Disbeliever Article

August 29, 2000

Dear David,

This is my third request asking for your source for the sub-head in your article about me (HIV Disbeliever August 28, 2000) that claims I tell people to stop taking their AIDS medications and forgo the use of condoms.

I have a five year record of every public event where I've spoken plus a copy of every article I've written. Being aware as I am of the controversial nature of my work, I've maintained this record in order to protect myself from erroneous claims. In no instance do I make the statements you claim I make about medicine or safe sex in this extensive and very public record. What I do clearly state, publicly and privately, is that I think people diagnosed positive should make informed decisions about AIDS medications.

Again, I ask that you please identify your specific source for the remarks you made at the beginning of the article, remarks which directly conflict with my personal beliefs, my public position, and the record of my work.

I also noticed that in your live chat you took a comment I made in answer to your questions about 100% compliance with safe sex and turned this into what appears to be a comment about safe sex in general. I believe that this use of my answer unfairly portrayed my remarks and added more fuel to the fire you started by claiming I oppose safe sex and AIDS treatment.

Your prompt reply with regard to this matter would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Christine Maggiore

cc: David Ansen, Editor, Newsweek Denis Sheils, Esq., Kohn, Swift and Graf