HIV/AIDS; Dissenting Voices United

1997 was the founding year of an organisation that aims to represent the growing number of international voices dissenting from the current scientific approach to HIV and AIDS. IFAS was founded on the initiative of Michael U. Baumgartner, a Swiss Gay Activist and internationally outspoken AIDS-Analyst with the support of a few people from the fields of medical science, human rights, scientific journalism, communication and education. Baumgartner saw the need for an umbrella organisation uniting the dissident views on HIV and AIDS and at the same time raising issues of human/patient rights and ethics and bringing back scientific standards into a field of medical research that has gone badly astray.

As an independent body of scientists and workers for the public good, headed by a board of scientist and a board of non-scientists and run by a Secretary General, IFAS is concerned about the focus of the established AIDS science. In the past 15 years the international AIDS establishment has been almost exclusively absorbed researching HIV, with up to date no conclusive model of how HIV is supposed to cause AIDS. The pharmaceuticals to which people diagnosed anti-HIV-antibody positive and people having AIDS have been exposed to - because of that diagnoses - are "..still not toxic enough for the virus and too toxic for the people" as one medical AIDS-experts in Switzerland puts it, with the potential of accelerating disease progression. The distinction between possibly therapeutic- and possibly non-therapeutic effects in the past and present treatment approach focusing on HIV has been consistently unclear. IFAS agrees that comprehensive range of information about HIV, AIDS and treatments necessary to make proper decisions about policies, health care, research and treatments has not been exposed to the public. It is therefore IFAS concern to make relevant information publicly accessible and oppose the long standing censorship on HIV/AIDS’ critical voices. Members of IFAS agree to one of the following views about the HIV-AIDS-hypothesis:

  1. There is to date no isolation of a retro-viral entity called „HIV". Therefore „HIV" cannot be considered the causation of AIDS, thus the current focus of AIDS research and anti-HIV treatments has to be revised.
  2. HIV has been cultured, is an infectious, exogenous retro-virus yet is insufficient and/or unnecessary to cause AIDS, therefore the current focus of AIDS research and anti-HIV treatments are wrong.
  3. HIV as an infectious, exogenous retro-virus has the potential with or without co-factors to cause AIDS but the established measurements and treatments are wrong.

IFAS has officially approached the organisers of the World AIDS Conference 1998 held in the same country were IFAS holds office, Switzerland. The request for an appropriate forum for the dissident voices on HIV and AIDS has been placed. So far both organisations representing people living with either label „HIV-positive" and/or AIDS, the Global Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (GNP+) and the International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS (ICW) are supporting this request. It would be the first time, that issues such as the failure to isolate HIV, HIV’s role in AIDS causation and Non-HIV-related models of AIDS - by now published in about one dozen books in different languages - would be addressed by the main HIV/AIDS-critics at an orthodox international AIDS-conference.

There is a lot of resistance expected, to have the dissenting voices addressing critical issues themselves. You can show your support by sending letter of support or request to:

GNP+, General Secretariat, P.O. Box 11726, 1001 GS Amsterdam, Netherlands and ICW, Livingstone House, 11 Carteret Street, London SW1H 9DL, England.

Don’t forget to send a copy of your letter to the conference chairman Bernhard Hirschel M.D., Geneva Secretariat, 12th World AIDS Conference, 94 rue des Eaux-Vives, 1207 Geneva, Switzerland.

Maybe this will be the long awaited break through in solving the AIDS-problem? Maybe the „AIDS-Dissidents" have been right after all?

Organisations or individuals wanting information, join or financially support IFAS, please write to:

International Forum for Accessible Science (IFAS)
c/o Studiengruppe für Ernährung und Immunität,
Elisabethenstrasse 51,
3014 Bern, Switzerland