12th World AIDS Conference Geneva
Official Satellite Meeting


At the IFAS Satellite Meeting held at PALEXPO, in the evening of Sunday June 28th a team of scientists in Perth, Australia, led by Eleni Papadopulos, bio-physicist and chairwomen of the Board of Scientists of IFAS demonstrated that to date there has been no isolation of the "human immunodeficiency virus" ("HIV"), according to the scientifically approved standards and steps for retroviral isolation: a) Purification through density gradient banding, b) Identification of the banded material using electron microscopy and c) Introduction of pure particles into a virgin culture and, by repeating the above steps, showing that identical particles are produced.

None of the so-called "HIV-markers", biomedical or genetic, seen in human subjects labelled "HIV positive" and/or having "AIDS" has been known to be specific for "HIV".

The existence of the "human immunodeficiency virus" must therefore, be called into question.

Due to lack of evidence of "HIV" having been isolated, and due to the fact that after 15 years, work there is still no sound demonstration in the medical literature proving that a retrovirus named "HIV" is the cause of what is called "AIDS", the "HIV-AIDS hypothesis" has failed.

Epidemiological data does not support the predictions made in 1984 that the conditions labelled "AIDS" were caused by a new specific retrovirus, transmissible by sexual intercourse, inevitably fatal and spreading uncontrollably in the general population, cumulating in a global pandemic. Independent epidemiological research together with the passage of time has since shown that this hypothesis and the ensuing predictions are wrong.

Toxic treatments directed against an ill-defined and possibly nonexisting agent pose a serious risk to human health.

Until there is a full reappraisal of the "HIV-AIDS-hypothesis" by an international independent scientific committee, IFAS places the following request before the World Health Organisation and national health authorities:

  • Use of all "HIV" antibody and "viral-load" tests to be suspended, pending an international inquiry into the alleged non-specific nature of these test.
  • Studies to be carried out evaluating the relationship between a false "HIV positive" diagnosis and higher risk of ilinesses.
  • All "anti-viral" drug approaches of the treatment of the conditions labelled as "AIDS" and "HIV disease" to be suspended, unless it can be shown that they have beneficial clinical effects which outweigh any deleterious effect on humans and that the same clinical effects cannot be obtained by less toxic agents.

If the international establishment which propagates the belief that "HIV" is the cause of the conditions called "AIDS" as if it were a scientific fact and as if "HIV" had been isolated, continues to ignore all the data telling otherwise, it would expose itself to legal action on the grounds of several human rights violations.

For more information contact the International Forum for Accessible Science (IFAS), Secretary General: Michael Baumgartner, Switzerland, phone +41 31 332 9373, fax +41 31 348 1636.

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