By Fintan Dunne and Jethu Mundul

AidsMyth News 13 May 2000

The dissident Professor of Anatomy from Mumbai, India, Dr. Manu Kothari, in a speech to the first S.A. AIDS Panel, advised that the viral and immunological aspects of AIDS be "left severely alone," and doctors should concentrate instead on care of the manifesting diseases. He also cautioned against the "iatrogenic voodoo effect" of an AIDS diagnosis, and castigated AZT as a rank cytotoxic poison.

Dr. Kothari emphasised that the word cure comes from Latin 'curatio' meaning "I take care". He cited Jackson, the English neurologist of the 19th. Century, who declared that any doctor who talks of cure as eradicating the disease, is a quack of the first order.

"To cure, is to care," cautioned Dr. Kothari.

In what must have been a rare lighthearted moment at the meeting, he went on to highlight the impotence of medicine in the face of hard realities: We can only treat aging, he quipped: "with hair dye."


The common man, the legislator, the administrator and above all, the patient needs no controversies, but directions about the cause,course and cure of HIV/AIDS.

I. Cause.

1. The principles of causation cannot sustain the HIV-causes-AIDS hypothesis.

2. For all we know, it is not the postulated HIV that causes AIDS, but the so-called cofactors such as indiscriminate antibiotic usage, recreational drugs, poverty, malnutrition, polluted water and pesticised food that are far more global than HIV.

II. Course.

The diagnosis of HIV-AIDS is never by the isolation of one virus from the patient, but by detecting an antibody. Therefore what the clinician is basically monitoring is NOT HIV positiveness, but HIV-antibody-positiveness which, alas, has 70 other reasons for showing itself in a human being.

These 70 + 1 reasons for HIV positive test MUST be conveyed to every positive person, in all fairness to human dignity. The fortunate part of the course of HIV/AIDS is that it is more often than not asymptomatic for years together. But, if and when some noise called dis-ease occurs in the form of HIV-AIDS associated illnesses, the cure part comes into play.

III. Cure.

The word cure comes from Latin 'curatio' meaning "I take care".

Jackson, the English neurologist of the 19th. Century, declared that any doctor who talks of cure as eradicating the disease, is a quack of the first order. So, to cure, is to care, be it birth, life, disease or death. Modern medicine has no direct measure against HIV per se. So cure is to treat whatever and whenever the symptoms or illnesses manifest.

IV. Correlatedness.

HIV/AIDS should be compared to, say, cancer, coronary artery disease, and aging. They occur in all, but make a noise in some! Modern medicine can never treat the basic pathology in the above three processes, but merely manages the manifestation by such measures as:

a) in cancer -- surgical removal
b) in coronary disease -- drugs, angioplasty, bypass
c) in aging -- by use of hair dye!

Let us handle HIV/AIDS along the same way. And hence the last point....

V. Common Sense.

a) AZT and the like (so-called triple therapy), are rank cytotoxic poisons.

F.J.C. Roe, the U.K. oncologist declared in 1967 that " cancer chemotherapy is an absolute farce " to which AZT is no exception. To give AZT to pregnant women is a crime against the mother and the baby she is busy making.

b) The HIV/AIDS' part of illness, should be, virologically and immunologically speaking, left severely alone.

c) The voodoo effect of an HIV/AIDS diagnosis must be avoided. The iatrogenic voodoo effect is a potent depressor of a person's immunity.

d) Treat the HIV/AIDS related illnesses by available standard measures.

In Summary:

The above five points, I to V, summarise HIV/AIDS dilemma for the lay and the leocine, including His Excellency Mbeki, the lovable President of the Republic of South Africa, at whose invitation and hospitality we are all here, and to whom are thankful for his poetic and practical approach.


Name: Kothari Manu Liladhar
Date of Birth: Nov 19, 1935.
Nationality: Indian
Present Position: Professor Department of Anatomy,
Seth G.S. Medical College, Parel, Mumbai 400 012, India.
Qualifications: M.B.B.S.,
University of Bombay,1959. M.S. (General Surgery),
University of Bombay, 1963. M.Sc. (Human Anatomy),
University of Bombay, 1965.

Appointment in Anatomy Dept., Seth G.S.Medical College, Bombay from 1964 to date as Asstt.Prof., Professor and Head of Department of Anatomy.

Eight Books including: The Nature of Cancer (Vol.One),Bombay,1973. Cancer:Myths and Realities of Cause and Cure,London,1979. The Other Face of Cancer, Goa, 1994. Human Genetics, Bombay,1986. Essentials of Human Embryology, Bombay,1983. Death: A new perspective on the phenomena of disease and dying,London, 1986. Living and Dying,Goa, 1996. Violence in Modern Medicine:In, Violence and Science,1988.
Numerous Articles including Ten on Anatomy, mainly in the Journal of Postgraduate Medecine, Mumbai. Twenty three on Biology from 1968 to 1985. Eighteen on Surgery from 1960 to 1974. Thirteen on Medical Philosophy from 1975 to 1993. Seven General articles in the National Journal of Homeopathy from 1994 to 1996.
Papers presented at Conferences, Orations, Guest Lectures and Key Note addresses.