Re: International World-AIDS-Conference

7 July 2000

Dr. Helene Gayle of the CDC Atlanta in front of South African President Thabo Mbeki admits: Still today there are no scientific proofs for the existence of "HIV" nor for the validity of the tests.

Before the International AIDS Conference begins in Durban, the South African President invited experts to two prior meetings where current opinion on HIV and AIDS were critically discussed. President Mbeki had previously become concerned about the very different views concerning AIDS. His doubts had been particularly aroused by the monotherapy of AZT/Retrovir which is extensively prescribed in South Africa. Some industrialised countries have meantime begun to consider this therapy of the late 80īs / early 90īs a big mistake.

On President Bill Clintonīs initiative, representatives of the US Health Agency, CDC, took part in the two meetings. At the last meeting the US Delegation offered to cooperate with South Africa to look for proof of the existence of the so-called AIDS-Virus HIV and the validity of the tests.

For the first time in the history of AIDS it was decided to try to isolate the so-called AIDS-Virus HIV and thus provide scientific proof of its existence. It was also agreed to seek evidence of the specificity of the tests; that means that the tests only reacts in the presence of antibodies against HIV. Something not done yet either.

According to the head of the US Delegation, Dr. Helene Gayle, the CDC will participate in these investigations to be undertaken in South Africa together with renowned experts. First results are expected some time in December 2000.

This whole undertaking should certainly have been done much, much earlier, and it should not now be necessary to form a new commission to start this investigation at such a late state.

This is, however, the first time that US Health representatives admit that in AIDS no specific Virus has ever been discovered. That there is simply no evidence that HIV is the cause of AIDS. And this 16 years after the then US Secretary of Health, Margaret Hekler on the 23rd April 1984 announced to the whole world the scientific discovery of a virus in connection with AIDS, also that an application had been made for patenting this "discovery", and, finally, that the US authorities had approved "HIV"-tests.

The failure to isolate the HI-Virus directly affects the validity of the tests, as an indirect method such as an antibody test must be measured against concrete evidence.

The only possibility to prove the existence of the HI-Virus is the isolation of the specific virus. This has not yet been done. Consequently the tests cannot, with any degree of certainty, show that a person who tests positive has actually been infected by a virus.

Conclusion: neither is there proof of the existence of HIV ­ according to the standard rules of virology ­ nor is there any scientific support for the validity of the antibody tests.

This Press Release is being issued because of the vicious attack on the South African President, Mr. Thabo Mbeki, in an article initiated by more than 150 scientists, published in the scientific magazine "Nature" on the 6 July 2000.

In this article, known as the "Durban Declaration" (see also our press release "The Dishonouring of Science", 29/6/200) the authors maintained that the hitherto known affirmations on HIV and AIDS comply with the highest scientific standards.

Under the leadership of the German Association "Wissenschaft, Medizin und Menschenrechte, e.V." (Science, Medicine and Human Rights) several organisations from different countries (Chechia, Spain, Holland, Italy, England, USA and others) asked the signatories of the Durban Declaration to provide the South African President, and with that the whole world, with the scientific evidence for the so-called HI-Virus and for the validity of the tests.

Till this very moment the signatories of the Durban Declaration have not responded, with the exception of the CDC representative, Dr. Helene Gayle, whose offer to carry out new investigations in South Africa rather contradicts her previous adhesion to the Durban Declaration.

Dortmund & Stuttgart,

Dr.Stefan Lanka,
Karl Krafeld