By Peter Kasule

June 2000

Compassionate Trust Services (COTS) is a one-year-old organization started to provide objective information and counseling to people “affected by HIV/AIDS”.

I Peter Kasule last year got in contact with Michael Elner of HEAL New York and Christine Maggiore of Alive and Well Los Angeles. This was after serving 8 years in the AIDS orthodox establishment and seeing many dying of chronic intense fear and over use of drugs built on abject poverty, lack of health care, extreme poor sanitation, endemic repetitive preventable diseases, malnutrition and severe anemia.

Through this miraculous discovery of the dissident life saving information, I registered as a HEAL contact. I have talked to a lot of people who have been diagnosed by health officials or themselves as sick with AIDS and those tested positive and many are finding new life and hope to live again. But one of the difficulties we are faced with, people are asking us to do more to reach many people. The problem here in Uganda getting facts beyond the orthodox rhetoric is like isolating the HIV virus of which many of our people have lost their loved ones and live retched lives of hopelessness.

On behalf of Compassionate Trust Service (COTS) I appeal to individuals and organization to support us get capacity to challenge the orthodox right from the grassroot. This is very critical and urgent because people have been engrossed in Mass AIDS hysteria and have no hope.

I will illustrate this with indicators of AIDS here in Uganda. This is based on my experience of our political and social history responsible for the Social Development of AIDS that has been attributed to “HIV” to escape social and political responsibility by our leaders. This is clearly indicated today by none of our leaders coming up to support Thabo Mbeki to redress the ills of our societies and unmasking the AIDS phantom in Africa and in Uganda in particular. It will help challenge the lie that HIV infection and AIDS in Uganda is on the decline.

The Uganda Case

The civil strife and destruction of the social fabric: From the early Days of Amin’s regime in 1971, guerilla wars began. It is not surprising that AIDS surfaced in these first battle zones of the infamous Rakai District believed as gospel truth to be the cradle of AIDS. From those days to date the rise of HIV infection follow the patterns of war in the country and so are the AIDS death that now are the order of the day.

The effects of these civil wars are manifested by what is reality on the ground today;

Health Sector

The health sect is in shambles. The Health infrastructure built during the colonial days and post independence 1950-1970 have never been improved, upgraded or modernized. The Buildings save for occasional whitewash, stand with some broken beds, beddings are missing in the majority of the hospitals, and health centers. The personnel are inadequate, where they are there are no drugs, no functional laboratories to investigate simple infections like STDs. The Doctor ratio is estimated to 1:10,000 people and when one gets a doctor he receives prescription and is expected to go and buy medicines from what is called here “drug shops”. There are exactly drug shops littered in every trading center in the country, some manned by non-medical personnel. They are operated on profit basis thus expired drugs are rampant.

The Education Sector

The illiteracy level is high especially among rural populations. Schools were run down during the civil strife and have never been fully rehabilitated. Many lack simple facilities like chairs, missing windows, no textbooks for students and in some cases for teachers. This situation is more pathetic in primary schools where a teacher is supposed to handle a class of 110 pupils in some areas under a tree. As a result propaganda and hearsay thrives. With privatization drive in the present time the majority poor will not have access to education.


The living conditions of the majority of the people are a real hazard. In towns like Kampala, slum/ghetto conditions are growing very fast engrossing the whole city. Water is contaminated. Piped water is limited and is not safe from contamination. Many people don’t have toilet facilities, There is poor housing and overcrowding without any drainage system in place and filth grows and flows like flower gardens. Hordes of Mice, Flies, Mosquitoes and other vermin are on the increase and nothing is being done about them. This situation prevails in all townships in the country and it is these townships that have the majority of AIDS cases.


The nutrition Status is dangerously low. Due to poverty, unemployment, poor wages and lack of knowledge on what constitutes a balanced diet. The majority of people in the towns and villages are malnourished. Some families have one meal a day.

These conditions are being sustained and made worse by structural adjustment programs of IMF, Corruption by government officials, and heavy spending on vicious senseless wars engineered by greed for power and lack of the simplest tenets of democracy and good governance, and the dog eat dog capitalistic culture very insensitive to social utilities and services.

On this bedrock the “HIV- Scapegoat” has been erected fostered and grown. Like a colossus it only bestrides Sub Saharan Africa, Like monsters of the Old World and of the fairly tales is being blamed for AIDS in Uganda. It is a good scarecrow and a hood that many people are dying thinking they have been promiscuous and because of their bad behavior lead very dreadful ignominious stressful life to death. HIV is protecting leaders from being responsible for social rot. It is protecting the western leaders and arms dealers from responsibility of sponsoring senseless wars on illiterate peace loving rural populations in Africa. HIV is protecting the Industrialists especially multinational drug companies churning out their toxic products and dumping them in Africa on a profit. The Psychological stress of all the above borne on poor population and the scare of death properly organized through the government sectors, Articulated by NGOs, and of late amplified by the religious who have just been brought on board is threaten the entire existence of black mankind. This is the whole crux of HIV/AIDS in Africa and Uganda in Particular.

While a few of us have been lucky to lock in to your information and are very appreciative to your selfless efforts to unveil the truth, of this grotesque sinister evil perpetuated on humanity, our hands are tied by lack of resources to start education programs to save the lives of many now at stake.

The Appeal We request for individual and organization support to set up an information center that will provide counseling, Produce a newsletter, Conduct Seminars and hold radio programs as a means of enlightening the people and providing the truth. This request is to put down the basic requirements that can enable us generate sustainability from service beneficiaries.

This appeal should be passed on to every member of the dissident or any one critical of the HIV hypothesis in the Developed countries. We shall accept any support small or big, material or financial. Our desire is to put a basic structure on the ground where people can run to for alternative information. The reason for this appeal is because the NGOs here represent the orthodox and the state has also been hijacked by the orthodox and will not mind about Dissident pressures in the western world as longer as there is no voice to challenge them from the grassoot here in Africa. Even Great people Like Thabo Mbeki stand-alone with no single president in the whole of OAU coming to his support.

We need financial support to build dissident information centers especially in those countries like Uganda where the population is being used as guinea pigs for Tom and Dick to test their toxic drugs and sex-condom death programs. This is imperative so that the people who will benefit from this will stand as the proof of your tireless work of Debunking Aids. We need partnerships to confront this dreadful motive of the orthodox.

I remain firm and hopeful that this genocide will one day be brought to light.

I can be contacted on
My address is Peter S. Kasule - HEAL Kampala Contact,
Director Compassionate Trust Services (COTS)
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