5 May 2000

1. Prof. Salim Abdool-Karim. Head of the HIV/AIDS Research Unit, Medical Research Council. Republic of South Africa

2. Prof. Bialy, Harvey. Editor Bio/Technology, New York, NY

3. Dr. Stephen Chindawari, Director of the Blair Institute of Research, Zimbabwe [Facilitator]

4. Dr. Bertozzi, Stefano

5. Prof. De Harven, Etienne, Prof. Emiritus of Pathology, Univ. of Toronto, former Electronmicroscopist at the Sloan Kettering Institute, NY

6. Dr. Duerr, Ann, Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta, US

7. Prof. Duesberg, Peter, Prof. Of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Berkeley

8. Dr. Fiala, Christian, Specialist Physican with experience in the African AIDS situation, Vienna, Austria

9. Dr. Gayle, Helene, Director, Nat'l. Center of HIV/AIDS and TB Prevention, Atlanta, GA, USA

10. Dr. Giraldo, Roberto, MD, Specialist in Infectious and Tropical Disease, New York, USA

11. Dr. Herxheimer, Andrew, Clinical Pharmacologist, Emeritus Fellow. Cochrane Centre, United Kingdom

12. Dr. Koehnlein, Klaus. Germany, AIDS Practitioner

13. Dr. Kathari, D. Professor Emeritus, Seth Medical College, Bombay, India

14. Dr. Lane, Clifford. Director: Nat'l. Institutes of Health, Washington, DC, USA

15. Prof. Makgoba, Malegapuru. President, Medical Research Council, Republic of South Africa

16. Prof. Fred Mhalu, Prof. Of Microbiology and Immunology. Dean of the faculty of medicine, Muhimbili, Univ. College of Health Sciences, Dares-Salaam, Tanzania

17. Prof. Mhlongo, Sam, Chief Specialist and Head, Dept. of Family Medicine, Medical Univ. of Southern Africa, RSA.

18. Prof. Ephraim Mokgokong, Chancellor of the Medical Univ. of Southern Africa, RSA [Facilitator]

19. Prof. Montagnier, Luc. Professor and Director, Center for Molecular and Cellular Biology, Paris, France

20. Dr. Owen, Stephen. Prof. Of Law and Public Policy, Univ. of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada [Facilitator-in-Chief]

21. Prof. Papadopulos-Eleopulos, Eleni, Biophysicist, Royal Perth Hospital, Australia

22. Dr. Paranjape, Ramesh S. Office in Charge and Acting Director, National AIDS Research Institute, Pune, Mahareshtra, India

23. Dr. Perez, George. AIDS Expert from Havana, Cuba

24. Prof. Prozesky, Wally. Chief of the South African Vaccine Initiative, Republic of South Africa

25. Prof. Rasnick, David. Molecular Pharmacologist, Alameda, California

26. Mr. Scondras, Dave, MA, MS, USA

27. Dr. Sonnabend, Joseph

28. Dr. Stein, Zena. Director: Division of Epidemiology, Joseph L. Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia Univ., New York, NY

29. Prof. Stewart, Gordon, Prof. Emeritus of Public Health, Univ. of Manchester, England. Former WHO Advisor on AIDS

30. Dr. Turner, Val, Physician, published articles on the AIDS dogma

31. Dr. Vella, Stefano, Instituto Superiore di Sanita, Rome, Italy

32. Dr. Williamson, Carolyn, Republic of South Africa

33. Dr. Zuniga, Jose M., IAPAC, USA