Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos et al.


Exchange William Makgoba  

We had some e-mail exchange with Prof. William Makgoba, President of South Africa's Medical Research Council. Prof. Makgoba is, like the Perth Group, member of President Mbeki's advisory panel.

Respons to David Rasnick

Dr. David Rasnick responded to the South African Health Ministry. We have seen fit to comment on some of them and thus avoid any generalisation that may be misinterpreted by a non-expert audience.

The Last Debate

Over recent months debate has been taking place amongst the HIV/AIDS dissident groups regarding the wisdom of taking up the issue of HIV isolation as an argument in our fight against mainstream AIDS science.

Correspondence with Robin Weiss

This scientific debate consists of five propositions/ responses by Val Turner and Robin Weiss (London) conducted over February/August 1999.

The Yin and Yang of HIV

The notion that HIV/AIDS is infectious and sexually transmitted is based on a relationship between antibodies claimed specifically induced by a retrovirus HIV and particular diseases in certain risk groups. However, the HIV theory has been challenged for well over a decade in many scientific publications, principally by Peter Duesberg from the USA and Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos and her colleagues in Australia. Failure of HIV/AIDS to spread beyond the original risk groups, and particularly to Western heterosexuals, especially non-drug using prostitutes, signals that the HIV theory of AIDS is in need of urgent reappraisal. This has serious implications for both the way science has been conducted and public health policy and planning. The HIV theory has cost billions of dollars and locked in enormous amount of energy in research by thousands of scientists worldwide. So far, it has yet to save a single life. There is an urgent need to establish a truly independent, and distinguished international committee to review the current theories and those that challenge them. There needs to be a co-operative but urgent reassessment of AIDS.

Letter to Science

Unpublished letter to Science.

Letter to Nature

The work on the structure of the "HIV gp120 envelope glycoprotein" by the groups of Sodroski and Hendrickson (Nature 393, 648-659; 705-710, 1998) was conducted in the belief that "The entry of HIV into host cells is mediated by the viral envelope glycoproteins, which are organized into oligomeric, probably trimeric spikes displayed on the surface of the virion" However...

Letter to The Lancet

In an editorial feature (July 11 1998, p.122) The Lancet pointed out that the developing world "bears more than 90% of the global burden of HIV infection" and that "Tuberculosis (TB) is the leading cause of death worldwide among people with HIV". However...

Patient to Patient Transmission of HIV in a Surgeon's Private Rooms

In a letter to the Editor of The Lancet, (December 18th, 1993), Chant et al present details of what is described as a "compelling" case for patient to patient transmission of HIV that occurred in November 1989 and involved a male and four female surgical cases. In my view, the authors' conclusion cannot be made on the evidence currently available or the evidence they present. The Lancet letter does no more than affirm that four women and one man, who all attended a surgeon's rooms on the same day in November 1989, a day on which they were all of unknown HIV serostatus, were later discovered to be HIV seropositive. The HIV seropositivity detected, even if defined by the most stringent criteria available, cannot be regarded as proof of HIV infection or transmission (see below), but rather, should be regarded as evidence either that the presence or development of HIV antibodies is far more common in patients with skin lesions attending general surgeons than hitherto has been suspected or documented, or that "highly unlikely" events, such as the attendance of 1 male and 4 females all HIV seropositive, at the rooms of a surgeon on the same day, may occur. No scientific evidence has been presented that provides "compelling evidence" for the transmission of a retrovirus.

AIDS in Thailand?

The data cited as evidence for widespread HIV infection of Thai men by heterosexual contacts has been critically analysed. It is concluded that these data do not prove that Thai men acquire HIV by sexual contact with prostitutes specifically or by heterosexual contact in general.

Where have we gone wrong?

Another article by Valendar Turner.

A Critique of the Evidence for the Isolation of HIV

A summary of the views of Eleni Papadopulos et al.

What Is the Evidence for the Existence of HIV?

Radio talk by Val Turner.

Do HIV Antibody Tests Prove HIV Infection?

Another radio talk by Val Tuner.

The AIDS Virus: Matter or Metaphor ?

Unpublished letter by Val Turner to the New Weekly

Notes on AZT

A critical analysis of the pharmacology of AZT and its use in AIDS.

AIDS in Africa?

First published in the Independent.

HIV Positive? Depends on where you live...

The different criteria for a positive HIV Western Blot test result.

A letter to The Lancet

This letter, a reply to a paper by Francoise Barr-Sinoussi, was submitted to The Lancet in 1996 but was refused publication too.

Another reply to The Lancet

Published reply on a 1995 report in The Lancet on HIV transmission following in vitro fertilisation.

Reply to Nature study

In 1995 Ho et al. and Wei et al. published data in Nature purporting proof that massive HIV turnover (replication and death) occurs "silently" in the lymph nodes of well, HIV seropositive individuals. This work was lauded as an answer to Duesberg's contention that HIV was present in too tiny amounts in the body to cause AIDS. This reply was rejected by Nature.

Comments on case to case transmission of HIV

This article was written by Val Turner in early 1994 and forwarded to the Royal Australasian Surgeons Task Force set up in response to a Lancet report by Chant et al. about patient to patient transmission of HIV. Although the Committee replied in writing that it would comment on these views, no further correspondence was ever received.

Reply to The Lancet

In 1994 Mulder and collegues reported in The Lancet a study of mortality linked to HIV seropositivity in Ugandan farmers. This study was accepted as further proof that HIV causes AIDS. This reply was rejected by The Lancet.

Letter to Nature and Science

This letter about Gallo's HIV isolation was rejected in 1994 by Nature and Science.

Did Levy "Isolate" HIV?

Analysis of Jay Levy's paper on HIV isolation published in 1984 in Nature.

Another letter to The Lancet

Another unpublished reply to a study by Nunn et al. in The Lancet.

Reply to study in Nature

Reply to a PCR study published in 1993 in Nature by Embretson et al. This letter was rejected for publication by Nature.

Reply to another Nature study

An unpublished reply to a study of British haemophiliacs published by Darby et al. in 1993 in Nature.

Letter to The Australian

An unpublished letter by Val Turner to The Australian

Letter to The Australian

A published letter from 1994 by Val Turner to The Australian

Letter to The Australian

Another unpublished letter from 1997 by Val Turner to The Australian