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Heinrich Kremer, 'The Silent Revolution of the AIDS- and Cancer-Medicine' Available in german only as 'Die stille Revolution der AIDS- und Krebsmedizin', Ehlers Verlag Germany 2001, 535 pages, ISBN 3-934196-14-6.

The author, Heinrich Kremer, M.D., experienced physician and clinical researcher, describes here worldwide for the first time how and why a cell transforms itself into a cancer cell, what the real causes of the so-called AIDS disease are, and that cancer and AIDS are results of energy exhaustion in the immune cells. Some 20 years of meticulous research work stand behind these findings. It comprises the most important scientific publications of orthodox medicine in the field of immune systems and cell research since the end of World War II.

Dr. Kremer’s book points out the absurdity of the HIV thesis and supports his skepticism scientifically. However, the fact that this work refutes the prevailing scholarly opinion of a mysterious AIDS-causing virus that nobody has been able to demonstrate to date is but one aspect of the book’s aspects. More essential is the fact that Dr. Kremer presents a consistent therapeutic concept of global evolutionary medicine substantiating for the first time that cancer and indeed all its forms and AIDS can not only be stabilized but healed.