Huw Christie Harry Williams
9th February, 1960 - 17th August, 2001

I consider myself privileged to have known Huw, from working with him at Continuum and the times we shared out of the office. I shall remember him as an extraordinary person. His intellect was unquestionable and the manner in which he shared his knowledge and ideas told me I was in the presence of someone truly exceptional.

I am indebted for the way he guided me at times when I was feeling confused and trying to make sense of the questions we both had in common. It was a journey I had started alone and so I felt a sense of camaraderie after meeting him and the subsequent years at Continuum, as we were both seeking answers to assist us in living our lives.

I appreciated his ability to demystify and disseminate complex science and the gentleness with which he was able to articulate to those of us who enquired. Apart from his professionalism in striving to produce a magazine of recognised quality with pitiful resources, I witnessed the dedication he had in encouraging dialogue through his countless conversations with people who called in to the office or rang in from around the world. He gave his time generously and patiently to so many people across the spectrum from dissident to orthodoxy.

His memory will continue to enrich my life even after his death. Huw opened up my mind and set me free, something I will be eternally grateful for.

Clair Walton