Official Satellite Meeting
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Eleni Papadopulos et al.

Dept. Med. Phys. Royal Perth Hospital, Australia
Dia 17 The reason for this, at least in Montagnier's case, became obvious in his interview with Djamel Tahi in July 1997. Montagnier was asked, "Why do the EM photographs published by you [in 1983] come from the culture and not the purification?". His reply was, "There was so little production of virus it was impossible to see what might be in a concentrate of the virus from the gradient ["pure virus"]. There was not enough virus to do that. Of course one looked for it, one looked for it in the tissues at the start, likewise the biopsy. We saw some particles but they did not have the morphology typical of retroviruses. They were very different. Relatively different. So with the [unpurified] cultures it took many hours to find the first pictures. It was a Roman effort!…Charles Dauget [an EM expert] looked at the plasma, the concentrate, etc…he saw nothing major" ( italics ours).

When asked if Gallo had purified HIV he replied: "I don't know if he really purified. I don't believe so."

In this case, this should have been the beginning and the end of HIV.