Official Satellite Meeting
Presentation by
Eleni Papadopulos et al.

Dept. Med. Phys. Royal Perth Hospital, Australia
Dia 21

There is ample evidence that p24 reacts even more often than p41 with sera from healthy individuals and patients who are not at risk of AIDS.

For example: According to the AIDS vaccine clinical trials group the p24 band was common among young healthy volunteers.

In 1988 Lundberg showed that a p24 band was present in 163/1306 (12%) and for p41 129/1303 (10%) of individuals.

But only 25% of AIDS patients have a p24 on the HIV Western blot.

Thus by Montagnier's own criteria if p41 is a cellular protein, then p24, must be also.

It is significant that up to 1987 anybody, and up to 1990 any of the 5,000 gay men participating in the MACS study who had even a single p24 band in the Western Blot, was said to be infected with HIV.