Official Satellite Meeting
Presentation by
Eleni Papadopulos et al.

Dept. Med. Phys. Royal Perth Hospital, Australia
Dia 38

As the title of Montagnier's paper reveals: HIV and thus HIV RNA, HIV DNA, HIV proteins and HIV antibodies, that is, the existence of HIV, is based upon claims of the isolation of a unique infectious retrovirus.

Such proof does not exist.

Thank you very much for your attention tonight. *

This is the second edited version of the presentation made by Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos on behalf of the International Forum for Accessible Science (IFAS) at the XIIth International AIDS Conference Geneva, 28th June 1998.

This session was conducted live by satellite from Perth, Western Australia.Many thanks to Michael Baumgartner for inviting and organising the Perth groupís participation.

Revised 28/9/98 and 16/10/98 VFT

Copyright Eleni Papadopulos and IFAS. June 1998.

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