A growing group of scientists think the AIDS virus is harmless and AIDS is not contagious.


Joan Shenton - John Lauritsen - Celia Farber - Nicholas Regush
Neville Hodgkinson - Anthony Liversidge - Tom Bethell

Joan Shenton

Joan Shenton, director of the London production company Meditel, has produced over 50 documentaries on health issues for UK network television, including 7 on AIDS. Shenton's programmes have been made for the BBC, Channel 4, Thames TV, and Sky TV.Joan Shenton

Go here to watch the 'The AIDS Catch' documentary.

The documentary about AZT medication can be watched here.

Shenton went to Africa. Here you can watch the 'AIDS and Africa' documentary.

Go here to watch a news report about the reliability of the AIDS tests.

She interviewed South African President Thabo Mbeki about AIDS. Watch the interview here. You can find her report about the first South African Presidential AIDS Panel meeting here.

Shenton is the author of the book 'Positively False; Exposing the myths around HIV and AIDS'.

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John Lauritsen

John Lauritsen established a career as a market research executive and analyst. But he also has been a gay activist and scholar since the earliest days of the gay liberation movement. He covered the AIDS war for the New York Native. John Lauritsen

Go here for a short biography.

For an interview with Lauritsen, go here.

Lauritsen reviewed the AZT research. He obtained copies of FDA documents released under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act. Here you will find his first review of these papers. Here the second one, which he wrote after he obtained some more documents.

The transcript of a talk on AZT can be found here. Click here for the text of his talk about the risk-AIDS hypothesis.

Here and here you will find two of his AIDS articles covering the voodoo, war and genocide. Go here to find out why Rudolf Nureyev had to die.

Go here to get his report about the NIDA meeting on poppers. And here for his coverage of the HIV symposium at the AAAS conference. His report from the world AIDS conference in Berlin can be found here.

Here a more recent article about blasphemy.

Lauritsen is also the author of the books 'The AIDS War; Propaganda, profiteering and genocide from the medical-industrial complex' and 'Poison by Prescription; The AZT Story'. And the co-editor of 'The AIDS Cult'.

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Celia Farber

Celia Farber has written on the issues and controversies surrounding HIV and AIDS for more than a decade. She is a regular contributor to Esquire, Spin, USA Today, and Gear, among other U.S. publications.Celia Farber

Go here for an interview with Farber.

Click here for a story about the HIV-AIDS controversy, and here for an article about the AIDS industry.

Farber wrote several articles about AZT, you will find them here, here, here and here.
Here an article about 'cocktail' therapy, and here a more recent one about its failure.

Here her article about HIV and breastfeeding, and here an article about HIV positive pregnant women.

An article about the HIV-AIDS tests can be found here, another one here.

For the story of her journey to Africa go here and here. An article about the recent developments concerning HIV-AIDS in South Africa can be found here, another one here.

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Nicholas Regush

Nicholas Regush is an ABC News journalist specializing in medical and scientific issues. He was, for 12 years, an award-winning investigative reporter for the Montreal Gazette, and worked for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Regush writes regular columns for abcnews.com. He wrote a column about world AIDS day, here you find it. Another column about 'The Durban Declaration' can be found here.

Here a column about the recent HIV-AIDS treatment failures, and here another one.

Regush is the author of the book 'AIDS: The Virus Within'.

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Neville Hodgkinson

Neville Hodgkinson reported on AIDS as medical correspondent of the Sunday Times. From 1991, as the London newspaper's science correspondent, he wrote a series of highly controversial questioning reports about HIV and AIDS. Neville Hodgkinson

Go here for an interview.

Click here for his first article on the HIV-AIDS controversy.

Hodgkinson travelled through Africa. Here a report from Kenya, here one from Zambia, and here you will find one from Tanzania. Here his story of what happened after publication.

Here you find an article abouth the 12th World AIDS Conference in Geneva.

For a recent article about AIDS in South Africa go here.

Hodgkinson is the author of the book 'AIDS: The Failure of Contemporary Science'.

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Anthony Liversidge

Anthony Liversidge is a writer and contributing editor at Omni magazine with a special interest in the ideas and behavior of leading scientists. Anothony Liversidge

Here you can find his article about the limits of science.

Liversidge interviewed Dr. Robert Gallo, founder of the HIV-AIDS hypothesis. Here and here you will find the two interviews. Go here for another article about Gallo.

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Tom Bethell

Tom Bethell is Washington editor of The American Spectator, a National Review contributor, and a Media Fellow at the Hoover Institute.

Here you will find an article about the HIV-AIDS controversy.

Here his article about poppers and AIDS.

And here another one about AZT.

Here a recent article about South Africa and AIDS, and here another one.

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