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Marvin Kitzerow, 'The AIDS Indictment' MRKCO Publishing USA 2000, 226 pages, ISBN 0-9679529-0-5.

Discover why the AIDS epidemic could have been prevented.

Read why...

...the AIDS "universal treatment of choice", since 1987, is a prime suspect, being indicted as the primary cause of death in over 400.000 U.S. AIDS mortality statistics!

...thousands of long-term, HIV positive survivors (over 14 years) are surviving AIDS! anyone can reverse immune disorders thus preventing AIDS!

...why brand new U.S. AIDS cases are declining over twenty precent annually!

...why over one thoussand scientists, college professors, physicians, Nobel prize winners and professional persons, no longer support the HIV/AIDS hypothesis!

Marvin Kitzerow, Jr. over the past twenty years has engaged in nutritional science research, primarily focusing on the causation of human pathology. Utilizing his knowledge of food chemistry and including the study of gastroenterology, Kitzerow is working to understand and relate the vital role that diet plays in illnesses of man. The author is a graduate of The Nutritional Science Program taught at the Life Science Institute in Austin, Texas.

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